Different Types of Vehicle Measuring Tools

There are many parameters that have to be measured such as diameter, thickness, clearance, depth etc. when it comes to vehicle maintenance. And these are heavily used in auto repair shops. There are auto shops that sell these measuring tools online providing you with easy access.

There are so many uses for this measuring equipment. One such piece of equipment is the vernier calliper which has a high level of accuracy. Many car technicians use this to measure parts in the car that has to be replaced. They are used to measure the thickness of brake discs, brake pads and the inner diameter of a cylinder etc. But these are for precise small measurements. You will find that it comes with two different pairs of jaws; one pair measures the outside of an object while the other pair gives a measurement of the inner dimension.

There are digital verniers as well that are very convenient to use. The vernier calliper can also provide depth measurements. The measuring ruler is fixed and it has a measuring scale that is moveable. Measuring tapes and rulers should also be in a toolbox. A measuring tape is a flexible ruler that is encased in a circular housing with a spring return. There are different lengths of measuring tapes and they are commonly made out of metal.

To measure the diameter of any hole, you can use the bore gauge. You can find dial type and digital bore gauges. Some come as a scale as well. The dial type is most commonly used. This comes with several measuring sleds that are of different sizes. You can use a telescopic gauge to measure the size of a bore and they are quite similar to inside callipers.

You will have an analog or digital readout with a dial bore gauge. To measure the differences in rotating parts in the vehicle such as disc brakes, you can use a dial indicator. You can find out if the crankshaft is bent using this. You can take very precise measurements from a micrometre. This can be used to measure very small spaces and it is used when even the slightest difference in measurement can cause an issue. There are different sizes of micrometres.

There are inside and outside micrometres to measure inside diameter and outside diameter respectively. There are also micrometres that measure depth. You can measure a valve stem diameter with an outside micrometre.

To check if there is voltage in an electric circuit, you can use a test light. This is shaped like a screwdriver with a ground wire and a probe. The holder contains a light bulb which lights up when the probe is in contact with a live connector. You can measure current, AC and DC voltage and resistance with a multimeter.

With higher complexity, you can even measure temperature, capacitance, engine speed etc. There are analog and digital multimeters. You will find more capabilities in digital multimeters as they can measure more physical quantities and therefore they are commonly used.

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