How to Make the Most of Your Garage Space?

Not everyone has a spacious garage. Some of us have a garage that fits just right for the car that we have. However, with so many things that need to be stored in the garage space, you’ll need to make the most of the available space you have.

An organized garage a dream comes true for a lot of homeowners. It could be hard to achieve but once you can keep your garage organized, you could have more space for everything no matter how small the garage could be. Read along to learn more on how to maximize the functionality of your garage space.

Create a Floor Plan

Just like the other parts in your home, you also need to create a floor plan for your garage. That way, you’ll have the right layout that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. First, determine what you need in your garage such as storage, floor space, and many more. Then create a layout that could provide those needs to achieve the perfect garage that suits your needs. Having a floor plan ready also helps a lot in organizing everything in it into the right places they should be.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelving units are more versatile compared to closed ones. You could store almost anything in it since it has no restrictions plus it’s easy to find and get anything that you need. There’s no need to think about additional clearance for the cabinet doors since it is already open. When choosing open shelves, it is best to choose ones that have raised legs to make it easier to sweep off dirt under it.

Add Vertical Storage Systems

Most garages have limited floor space. If there is not enough space for more cabinets, you could still add more storage space by using the wall space for storage. Install vertical storage systems such as track-based systems, pegboards, shelves, hooks, and other more garage wall storage that suits your needs. Choose ones that are made from strong and durable material so that it could heavy objects and keep it all safe from falling off.

Use the Ceiling

If your garage has a high ceiling height, you could use it to your advantage by making it as additional storage space. You could store away items that you want to keep away from the floor such as storage bins, and even bicycles. There are plenty of systems you could use to make this possible such as pulley systems.

When storing heavy objects, be sure to install strong storage accessories that could hold the weight of the things you want to put up. Be sure that everything is attached properly so they don’t fall off suddenly and cause damage of injury to anyone underneath it.

Be a wise homeowner and make the most of your garage space by trying out those tips mentioned above. That way, you could keep everything inside your garage in an organized manner and keep the space neat and clutter-free.

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