Key Questions to Ask the Supplier When Hiring Building Equipment

Many people opt to hire building equipment as this brings down costs and eliminates the costs for maintenance, insurance, repairs etc. But when you’re looking for the right supplier to hire building equipment from, you need to do some research and obtain proper information from the supplier so that you can decide which option is the most suitable.


Have a list of equipment and machinery you need so that you can check whether the supplier actually rents them out. You can visit their official website to get an idea of this. And once you have shortlisted a few suppliers where you can obtain building equipment, you need to reach out to them and ask about the availability of equipment. Ask them about the process when confirming the hire. You need to ask the companies early on without waiting till the actual date of the projects comes by.

This way you will be able to check the availability of the equipment as well as the number of equipment available at the supplier. You need to make sure that stock is available so that there is assurance the project can proceed without unnecessary delays. You should also ask them about the rental rates for the equipment you need for the project. This should include the cost for renting along with any additional fees. Some additional fees you may come across will be costs for delivery, fuel charges and pickup.

Ask the company about the different rates provided for long term and short term equipment hire Leongatha. Depending on the supplier, there may be discounts for extended periods which may be a good option for long projects. There are certain things you need to confirm at the beginning so that you are clear about the terms of rental. You need to know the rental duration and whether there are any penalties when you exceed them. Clarify the billing cycle for the rental charges from the supplier.

Make sure you have all the details about the equipment you rent. Ask them to provide you with detailed specifications so that you have a good understanding of special attachments, capacity of the equipment, its weight and size. You need to know how well the equipment has been maintained; there will be maintenance records for this. You need to make sure you are renting equipment that are in good working condition. These should meet industry standards.

Another consideration is how the equipment arrives at your site

You can check whether delivery and pickup are included in the cost of the rental. Ask whether these services are provided by the supplier. If they do provide these services, you need to clarify the costs for transport and ask about the lead time for delivery. Ask for maintenance history of the equipment so that you know if the equipment has undergone repairs recently and when it was last serviced. There can be a situation where the equipment needs repair during your project. You need to ask the supplier about how these issues can be reported and how quickly they are able to address the issue.

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