Major Indicators You Might have a Steering Problem

One of the easiest car or vehicle problems that any car owner could easily detect is when they have a steering problem. The signs and symptoms are fairly clear-cut and the warning signs would continue unless the problem is fixed or it caused an even bigger and more expensive issue.

Immovable Steering Wheel

Even if you have power steering which makes it easier to turn the steering wheel compared to a manual driving car, when you have a steering problem, you would not be able to turn it easily. When this happens, it is an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. But fret not because it is easy to check and remedy this.

One of the first things you could do is check if the fluid reservoir is full, and if it is not, you have to fill it up. Check it again after some time and if the fluid significantly dwindled, there might be leakage. See under your car if there is a puddle of fluid that could indicate fluid leakage. If there is, inspect the hoses, the Steering Rack, or the steering pump.

Excessive Steering Wheel Vibration

The steering wheel sometimes vibrates when there is also a wheel alignment problem. But this could also be another symptom that there is an issue with the power steering. A cause for the excessive steering wheel vibration is when there are a lot of contaminants in your vehicle that causes the vibration or pulsation when you turn the steering wheel.

This could be fixed and remedied by a power steering flush. Although, make sure first that the excessive vibration is because of the toxins. Otherwise, the vibration would not stop especially if it is caused by your wheels not angled according to the specifications of your vehicle’s maker or manufacturer. If you could not determine the real cause of the steering wheel vibration, take your car to a garage and have an expert see if this could be fixed with a steering flush or wheel alignment and balancing.

Noise When Steering

Noise is the number one indicator that car owners are used to recognizing that something is wrong with their vehicles. If you turn the wheel and you hear a grinding noise, there might be an issue with your steering gear. If you hear a screeching noise, the issue might be is that your steering belt is already frayed and is now due for replacement.

Or it could also be because your car’s power steering fluid level is significantly low. When you check the power steering fluid and you noticed that it is foaming or it is not in its usual color, this is also a sign that air or water has entered the system and the fluid is not doing its job of properly lubricating the parts.

These are just some of the major symptoms you might have a steering problem in your hands. Of course, there are other signs but what you have to remember is that when you feel like you don’t have much control of the wheel, don’t attempt to drive your vehicle anymore as it could be extremely dangerous. Call your mechanic and have them come to you to see the condition of your car.

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