What to Know About Retail Car Parking Trends?

An essential for a popular shopping centre or retail store is convenient parking. This is what first attracts customers to the building. You have to focus on smart parking technology to ensure that vehicular and pedestrian safety is improved.

Retail car parking systems are essential for customers who are also vehicle owners. When the parking space is well maintained, people are more inclined to visit as they know they don’t have to waste time looking for a parking spot. The stage where the customer visits the parking lot is the first time they are interacting with the retail building and therefore, counts a lot towards their first impression. There are many types of parking systems that are provided in malls. Car parks can be indoors or outdoors. They can also be public or private.

When it comes to malls, they are generally indoor parking lots. Some have single level parking where only one floor is given to this. This is sufficient when the mall has a larger land area. But when land is scarce or the land value is high, malls tend to go for multi-level parking where there are several floors provided for parking. Two levels of this parking system are connected by a ramp. There are also car parking systems that are automated so that the vehicles will be moved from one level to another using a complex system of lifts. These save space as the drivers don’t have to drive around ramps and circulation space.

Many malls go for underground parking spaces as well. This is good for sites where space is restricted but there is a pressing need for parking. The most advanced parking system you will come across is an automated parking garage as introduced previously and the floors in this parking system can either go up or down and some are able to go in both directions.

With automated parking, the visitors will not need to walk through a parking garage into the mall and their view can be modified a little better; this gives them a better impression of the mall. And the stress of looking for an available parking spot is eliminated. It saves time for the customer and their parking experience will be consistent every time. There is also a high level of security and the visitors don’t need to worry about damage to their vehicles or the possibility of theft.

You will find that many malls have a parking app where the visitor can check if there are any available parking spots. This way, you don’t need to enter and look for spaces; you will know for sure there is a spot available for your vehicle. They can then book this space before they enter the mall and it takes all the stress out of having to look for parking spots.

They will be guided to the spot through the app and it will include pricing information as well. You can also choose cashless payment so that you don’t need to deal with a guard at the exit to pay parking fees. This reduces the amount of waiting time and there will be no need for a queue.

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